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Best's winemaking philosophy is that great wines are made in the vineyard. Even while practising a minimalist approach, attention to detail is key. At Best's, we avoid the overpowering use of oak or additional treatments. Instead, we prefer to let the fantastic fruit from Great Western tell the story. 

Best's is dedicated to excellenece on the vine as well as in the winery. Despite the respect for the traditional winemaking practices that have been part of Best’s story for more than a century, there have been amazing transformations over the years – winemakers have joined the extended family, styles have come and gone, and technology has brought about efficiency in the winery. But Best’s goal has always been to grow amazing Great Western fruit and make classic wines in the Great Western style.

All aspects of making the winemaking are handled on site at Best’s Great Western, allowing the winemaker to have full control over quality. Best’s Great Western strives for its wines to express everything possible from the vineyard, vintage and region. We have been consistently producing exceptional, food-friendly, elegant and approachable wines with great longevity since 1866.