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Concongella Collection

The Concongella Collection takes its name from the historic connection the winery has with its Great Western roots. Henry Best planted his first vines close to a water source in 1868, the Concongella Creek, hence naming his first vineyard Concongella.

For this range, Best's has followed the practice of many European wineries by naming the Thomson Family Shiraz after the area in which the wine is produced, also drawing inspiration from the soil structure at Great Western. Creek sediment has been dispersed throughout the vineyard over many years, a significant influencing factor for the Concongella Collection wines, and a factor that can be seen in Best's Great Western wines.

The Concongella Collection allows Best's team to identify special parcels of fruit that may highlight the nuances of a particular season or innovative cellar or winemaking techniques. These wines are representative of the amazing, Great Western style.

Only small parcels of Concongella Collection wines are made, and only in the years deemed best. This selective process allows our winemaker to craft wines that exude a sense of place and reflect the vintage and unique sites from which they come.

The Concongella Collection wines are available to Best’s Wine Club members and selective restaurants around Australia. 

  • Old Clone Pinot Noir
  • House Block Riesling
  • Nursery Block Dry Red
  • Concongella Blanc
  • Foudre Ferment Riesling
  • White Gravels Hill Shiraz
  • Sparkling Shiraz
  • 13 Acre Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon